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Data driven website SEO that increases search rankings and generates revenue for small to medium sized local businesses across Stockport, Cheshire, Greater Manchester and the UK.

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"Understood our business and industry straight away and delivered an increase in search rankings and revenue that I never expected."

Sam Jones

Paving Company, Stockport

"Succeeded where every other SEO company had failed. Opened my eyes to the power of SEO and now reaping the rewards. "

Marie Carter

Garden Design, Stockport

Your SEO Strategy for Success

No matter how high you rank in Google or other search engines, how much traffic comes to your website, revenue will not grow unless you are reaching your target audience. 

Improve Rankings

Research keywords to discover what your customers actually use in the search engines. Audit your website from top to bottom and optimise for search and your customers. 

Increase Traffic

Effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will begin to drive a flood of traffic to your website. This will consist largely of your ideal clients and those who are looking for products and services from a business like yours.

Get Conversions

Your new source of organic search traffic is pre-qualified and contains some of the warmest leads that you could wish for. Your ROI is the most important campaign metric and is the foundation of my SEO strategy.  

Struggling to appear in search engine results pages?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Isn't Rocket Science.

But for small business owners, seeing a financial return through search engines and SEO can seem lightyears away.

Get help from an experienced freelance SEO Stockport to help you and your business overcome common misconceptions about the practice.

Have You Ever Thought The Following?

SEO Costs Too Much Money

Effective website SEO and link building which dramatically improves your search engine results comes at a price. But these kind of digital marketing services are an investment, not a cost. Just ask your competitors. You invest in staff, stock, tools and even a new website to generate revenue, so why is your SEO campaign spend looked at as a necessary evil?

Focus on achievable SEO results and a predictable ROI and get your business growing through a search engine optimisation (SEO) service that moves the needle in the search engines and outperforms any other type of digital marketing services which focus on your website.

SEO Takes Up Too Much Of Your Time

Smart decision making is the only way of creating more time. Having the right person or expert SEO team in place to lead your SEO campaign and monitor your website gives you that time back for you to spend however you wish.

So make that smart decision instead of continuing to waste your time on doing it yourself or babysitting another crappy SEO agency digital marketing company.

You Don't have the Team

Small companies don't need an in-house team to run an SEO campaign or improve search engine rankings. You just need a leader. Someone who will create revenue driven SEO strategies tailored to your business and your target audience.

Your Audience Don't Use Search Engines

Most of them do. It's just your business hasn't reached them through your current search engine optimisation and digital marketing strategy. That includes any Pay Per Click (PPC) or Social Media advertising you've been doing.

And if your potential customers aren't online, you should focus on bringing in these kind of website visitors as it will begin to free up your time and make them easier to sell to and retain.

You Don't Understand SEO

YOU don't need to be an SEO expert. 

You just need to understand the value of search engine marketing, the benefits of higher search engine rankings for your website and it's impact on your revenue and income. This is the aspect you do need to understand.

You might not know much about web design, but you would be more than happy to pay a professional designer for website design, wouldn't you? Paying for search engine optimisation and other digital marketing service is no different.

You've Been Burnt Before

If you're nodding your head at the 5 previous points, then chances are you've either tried to do your own SEO to improve your search engine results or you've had a bad experience with a Manchester SEO company or digital marketing agency providing an ineffective SEO service.

If you're here on my website then I'm going to assume that you are looking at hiring another SEO agency. So let me put your mind at rest and show you just why all of the above are not valid concerns.


Free SEO Audit (Video)

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See basic mistakes that are killing your SEO

If you're interested in an SEO audit then you know something isn't right with your website optimisation. Let me walk you through the basic mistakes that have been made.

See why your competitors are top of Google

I'll show you the reasons why your competitors are dominating for your keywords at your expense and how you can reverse engineer this.

Get actionable help without spending a penny 

You don't have to be based in Stockport or Cheshire to get help with your website. By the magic of the internet and video, I can carry out a personalised audit wherever you're based.


A Client Journey to Featuring in Google Search Engine Results Pages

Identify Your Goals

Whether it's steady medium long-term growth across all of your services or ranking for a single service in your niche, your end goal dictates exactly how we approach the SEO for your site.

Audit Your Website

Before we start on the optimisation, we need to identify your site's strengths and weaknesses. Website content, architecture and site speed are crucial, but we'll dig far deeper than that.

Keyword Research

Conduct research to identify target keywords and searches that actually make money for your business. I'm not interested in vanity rankings in search engines - I want you to get a return.

Competitor Analysis

We don't need to re-invent the wheel. Instead, we'll reverse engineer what successful competitors are doing to appear high in search results - but better.

Build The Strategy

Based on solid data and marketing experience, I'll build a powerful custom SEO Campaign to get your website ranking in search results and converting leads.

On-Page Optimisation

This is the very foundation of our SEO efforts. We'll give Google everything it wants so that we can see quick wins and fix any technical issues which will lead to even better, sustainable results.

Content Creation

Get content featuring your website and business on other sites, I'll make sure we're creating relevant and effective content to help improve your domain authority and rankings.

Link Building

My aim is to turbo-charge your rankings with links that move the needle. My network gives you access to outreach specialists and publishers who can put our campaign on steroids and send trust signals to Google.


Each month you'll see what work has been carried out and what's coming up next, but most importantly you'll see where your campaign is winning and where it needs to improve.


Get your SEO working & become a happy client

Everything I do is simple and effective, but based on analytical data and experience. Trust me with your local SEO campaigns and begin enjoying more business coming through your website.

"We've worked with 5 SEO agencies with mixed results, but Jack and his team deliver on everything. No stress, cost-effective and a good return on my investment. I know he's always happy to help."

seo stockport

Lee Dawson

Bespoke Cabinet Makers, Stockport

Why Use Freelance SEO Services and Not an Established Stockport Digital Marketing Agency?

Not all internet marketing agencies are created equal. In fact, some SEO agencies outsource their  clients to me. Here's why you should come direct to a freelance local SEO expert like me.

Competitive Rates

I don't have employees or a fancy Stockport office for you to fund. In fact, my only real outgoings are the SEO tools I use to help me protect and grow your investment. 

Focused On You

My day isn't full of "strategy" meetings in Manchester, endless phone calls, emails and chats at the water cooler. My time is money, and so is yours.

We're Partners

Between the two of us we have trust. I protect and grow your investment, while you help me to pay my bills and give my family a good standard of living.

Bespoke Campaigns

You're not getting bog standard off-the-shelf agency SEO in Stockport. Your local search campaigns are tailored to your actual goals, whether short or long term.


Your investment begins and ends with me. There's no hiding behind a chain of command or passing the buck. 

Single POC

I'm the sales guy, your account manager, your SEO specialist and my accounts team. You won't be passed around when you need something.

Network of Specialists

I use hand-picked, trusted SEO specialists in different fields when it adds value. Your campaigns aren't limited to just one teams skill set.

Flexible Contracts

I'm always happy to thrash out a deal that suits us both, so long as it's realistic. No minimum term, 30 days notice as standard.

Why We Might NOT Be a Good Fit...

If you don't agree to the points below, then we probably won't work out.

I have been working within this industry for the best part of two decades. I know exactly what it takes to get clients results through search engine optimisation and I like to share in their success WITH them because they believe in my process and achieve their goals.  

Successful client see the value in what I do and opportunities that search engine optimisation and organic search presents.

In an ideal World, I'd love to work all businesses from any industry. Whether it's a solicitor firm in Manchester, or a dentist in Stockport, it doesn't matter.

But this just isn't always possible. Sometimes, I speak to a potential client and I just know it's not going to work. And that comes down to three things.

Attitude. Ambition. Budget.

I'm in an envious position where I can be selective about which clients I work with and those who I don't.

I enjoy working with local business owners who know what they want, and who understand that an improved organic search presence can literally transform their lives.

And for something that they need and know is so powerful, they accept that it's going to require a reasonable budget.

So if you've hit my website searching for 'SEO Stockport', it must mean that you already know the value of SEO and that you need an expert to help you generate more business online.

Whether you know what you want or you're looking to find yet another SEO agency in Stockport because you know you have to, why not have a chat with to see if we're a good fit?

SEO Is a Long Term Strategy

Unlike other advertising and marketing strategies, SEO isn't something which delivers immediate visibility like Google pay-per-click (PPC). It can take months to build up trust with Google before the position of your website improves for a search phrase.

SEO Is Crucial For Growth 

A prominent result for a key search phrase or target keywords converts better than paid traffic and is far more cost-effective in the long term. Great SEO results literally builds businesses. Companies who get clicks from organic searches do not pay Google a penny!

SEO Requires Investment

Effective SEO campaigns don't come cheap. You are unlikely to get high quality content, white hat techniques and link building for less than £1,000 a month. Companies who pay a Stockport SEO agency less than this are likely to see a result which leads to zero revenue generated and a worse user experience on your site.

SEO Stockport, Greater Manchester  & UK

Creating growth opportunities for companies through a revenue generating SEO marketing strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee improved search results?

No. And any SEO agency that does should be avoided. Google is a third party and we (the experts and businesses) are dancing to their tune. However, I 100% guarantee that you're working with an honest and reliable Stockport based SEO strategist with a proven track record in getting clients improved search results and more revenue from Google.

Do you need me to do anything?

Yes. I want you to tell me what your business goals are or what impact more revenue would mean to you.  However, apart from the discovery and strategy sessions, I'm not going to waste your precious time unless it's absolutely necessary to the project.

How long does it take to see results?

Every website, every industry and every keyword is different to the next, so it's impossible to predict how your site will fair. But you should see an increase in either Google search rankings or sales after around 3 months. But remember, it's ultimately down to Google, so it's not like other  more predictable advertising and marketing strategies.

Can I call you any time?

As a freelance SEO consultant, I can't always make myself available at the drop of a hat. However, you will of course have access to me but we just need to schedule it in first. But I understand business owners sometimes have urgent needs, so there are ways that I can be more flexible if necessary. Once COVID restrictions relax, I will also be able to meet local SEO Stockport clients or those in the Greater Manchester area.  

What does this all cost?

Sound investments don't cost you anything, and that's exactly what this is. How much you invest largely depends on the nature of your business, the status of your website, how competitive your main keywords are and how quickly you want to see a return. I have the internet marketing skills, knowledge and experience to deliver a return on investment through Google search engine marketing, but at what level depends on the aforementioned variables.

What does this all cost?

Sound investments don't cost you anything, and that's exactly what this is. How much you invest largely depends on the nature of your business, the status of your website, how competitive your main keywords are and how quickly you want to see a return. I have the internet marketing skills, knowledge and experience to deliver a return on investment through Google search engine marketing, but at what level depends on the aforementioned variables.

Do you only do SEO in Manchester?

While I may be based in Stockport and work with mainly Manchester based clients, I also provide Local SEO Services in London and other parts of the UK. It really doesn't matter where in the UK you are based or what you want to optimise for.


As a business, we'd spent in the region of £60k with SEO companies and web design agencies with barely any return. Our SEO Audit proved our worst fears to be true - we were on track to never really make any sort of return. Now, armed with the knowledge of what's gone wrong and how we can improve the overall user experience, we're now implementing fixes and strategies have already provided a full return on the audit from the organic enquiries we're receiving. It's been a game changer for us and wish we'd done it way sooner. 

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