When you think about retirement, it can conjure images such as a group of seniors sitting in a lush green, flowery garden laughing and chatting while they sink another bottle of vino blanco.

For the lucky retirees, this is a reality and they should be allowed to enjoy every minute without having to worry about how to make money in retirement.

But for many of us, retirement looks like it will be spent trying to find ways of making money with a side income to either support our lifestyles or to continue trying to provide a nest-egg for children or grandkids.

As populations continue to grow and technology replaces humans in terms of job functions, it’s only going to get harder for seniors and retirees to make money in retirement through traditional jobs.

But there is one thing that every single person has that is capable of making them money.


How can knowledge make you money in retirement?

We live in a World where we consume information 24/7 and we want it as quickly and conveniently as possible. We want it on demand. And we’re quite happy to pay for it too.

Think about any problem that you have in your day to day life. You need a solution to it.

More often than not, you will turn to Google, Youtube or Facebook for information. Do this and you will probably be able to find your answers for free.

But in today’s fast-paced World, time is a commodity which people aren’t always willing or able to trade.

So they pay for it instead and they get the solution to their problem in a format which suits their needs or lifestyle.

That’s right, people pay for information that they could’ve got for free, because it saved them time.

So, what kind of information are people buying?

Well, pretty much anything.

Want to know how to grow the biggest, juiciest tomatoes in your back garden? There’s an ebook for it.

What’s the best way to train a puppy to stop eating everything that’s in it’s eyeline? There’s a coaching course for it.

You name it, somebody has probably produced a digital product for it.

And you know the best part?

There is a tonne of absolute rubbish out there which people are buying in their droves, purely because the subject matter resonates with the problem they are having.

The people creating these products aren’t gifted creators or even that knowledgeable about a subject, but they know how to sell digital products.

So imagine what problems a senior, with plenty of time time on their hands now they’re retired, could solve with several decades of knowledge, skill and experience across their academic, professional and personal lives.

Why should retirees choose to make money through digital products?

Consultancy is often a good way of generating an income during retirement, but this comes with it’s own problems.

Even if it’s just part time, there are still clients to service and a business to run. So much for sitting in the sun with that glass of wine, huh?

But what if that same consultancy service was turned in to digital products instead?

There are so many benefits of starting this kind of online business over anything else.

  • Minimal Start-up Costs
  • Unlimited Supply of Digital Stock
  • Can Be Automated 24/7
  • Worldwide Audience
  • Work From Anywhere in The World

For people who are unfamiliar with digital products and affiliate marketing, all of the above probably sounds too good to be true.

There has to be a catch, right?

Well there isn’t.

Obviously you’d have to head to Google to start researching how to make a digital product, where to sell it and how to sell it. But it’s really not that difficult.

In fact, it’s really so straightforward that you can probably learn all you need to get started right here in this free training webinar.

It’s run by John Thornhill and he’s in the top 1% of sellers of products on the World’s number one digital product marketplace.

If you’re coming up to retirement or are currently in it and you need to make more money, starting an online business which creates digital products is a genuine and very attractive option.

So before you do anything else, just click the link below to John’s training webinar and judge for yourself.


Jack Alexander
Jack Alexander

Experienced digital marketer and ecommerce manager. Specialisms include SEO, CRO and Lead Gen.