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Delivering revenue driven Local SEO strategies which brings you new customers, crushes local competition and puts money in your bank. 

Need More Local Customers From Online Marketing?

Local SEO traffic sends you warm, 'ready to buy' customers and supports business growth.

Mention 'leads' in a digital marketing sense and people often think about a paid marketing strategy which you can switch on and off, like Google Ads. 

But in fact, the best source of website traffic for warm leads comes from local search queries like 'double glazing in Stockport' or 'dentists near me', for example. And the reason for this is quite simple.

These potential customers have shown buyers intent specifically for that type of local business or service in that area. If they did a Google search for just 'double glazing', it doesn't actually mean they're in buying mode. A small, yet crucial difference.

So if you're a local Stockport or Greater Manchester business, your best quality leads are those from local search queries. Or as I call them, 'money keywords'. 

How are you ranking for yours?

Local SEO Service - My 4 Simple Steps

Using a freelance SEO expert (like me!) gives you a more autonomous local SEO service as opposed to a one-size fits all approach you'd probably get from an SEO company. As a result, my locally targeted SEO strategy delivers a measurable ROI for local businesses across Stockport, Greater Manchester and the UK.

'Money' Keywords

Step 1

Research keywords to identify those which actually make money for local businesses. You're not interested in vanity rankings which don't make you a penny.

You v Competitors

Step 1

Investigate who is ranking above you for your money keywords and why. I can't beat their website optimisation without knowing why they are performing better than you.

Build The Strategy

Step 1

Based on data analysis, I'll build a powerful and proven Local SEO Campaign to get your website where it needs to be to see your return as quickly as possible.


Step 4

Through onsite SEO, content and link building that moves the needle, you'll see your investment grow quicker than any SEO company or marketing agency you've used before. 

Top of the Search Engine Dominated by Competitors?

Imagine getting just 30% of the leads that they do.

The maths is simple. The higher your website and web pages rank in Google, the more leads you receive. Rank #1, get 31% of clicks. Rank #10, get 3% of clicks.

A staggering 75% of all clicks in Google search engine are between #1-3, so if you're languishing below this then you're essentially feeding on scraps while your competitors help themselves to a never ending banquet of local customers. 

And if you're stuck on page 2 of Google, then I've got some bad news. Just 25% of users reach page 2 and just 0.78% click on any of the search results here.

So let me ask you again, how are you ranking for your money keywords? Does your online presence need a boost?

How many new local customers you could be getting from the search engines?

Your business has nothing to lose and everything to gain



Step 1

of queries made on Google are for a local search or 'near me' queries


Step 1

of users never go past the first page of Google search results


Step 1

of all clicks in Google searches will be on the first five organic results

What is Local SEO?

The Internet allows your website to be ranked and seen across the World, but doing a Local SEO Campaign ensures your business is seen by the people you want most - local customers near you.

Who Needs Local SEO Services?

Local businesses that provide products and services in only specific locations, SHOULD be doing Local SEO.

For example, a shoe shop in Stockport which relies on passing trade, or maybe a double glazing company that covers multiple towns across Greater Manchester. A business needs to be found for their keywords in the local areas that they serve.

This is pretty straightforward when your business is based in the location it serves. But what about serving multiple areas like our double glazing company? How do they achieve visibility? 

How would they go about ranking for any other locations other than the one where they are based?

How Do I Optimise for Local SEO?

I've achieved this goal for hundreds of local businesses in my job as a Local SEO expert and here's how...

Optimise the homepage for main keywords and the local area the business is based, and then, create doorway pages which are specific to search queries in the locations your want to rank for.

Let's say our double glazers are based in Stockport. The homepage would be optimised for something like 'pvcu windows Stockport' and then there would be 20 or so pages covering each of the most populated towns across Greater Manchester. These pages would all be optimised for 'pvcu windows in [location]'.

How to Rank Higher in Local Searches?

This really is Local SEO 101 stuff but it gets results.

Follow this up with a well optimised Google My Business page (Google Maps), local citations, directory listings and Social Signals and you can expect to start seeing an increase in rank in search engines within 3-5 months.

Personally, I like to turbocharge Local SEO campaigns by building the strongest backlink profile possible. Lots of your competition don't do this, so there is always an opportunity for them to be beaten. Link building is still one of THE most important elements of any campaign, so please don't let anybody tell you something different.

You see, SEO isn't difficult. Obviously there is a deeper science to it but anyone can do the basics. So what's stopping you from taking your SEO results to the next level?

Click the green button to see if we're a good fit

I only have availability for 2 more Local SEO clients in 2021, so you'll need to act quickly

A Local SEO Service That Builds Businesses

Being a Freelance SEO Consultant means that I can tap in to the best networks to deliver quick and sustainable results. I look at it like building a house.

The Detailed Plans

Everything starts with an on-site and off-site audit. This allows me to assess the following:

The Solid Foundations

This is the foundation of my Local SEO strategy and is crucial to ensuring that leads convert. I'll handle:

The Top Spec Interior

This is where me and local business clients make our money. Through a mixture of engaging content marketing and turbocharged backlinks, my Local SEO campaigns are put on steroids. This will drive an obscene amount of local search traffic to your website.

Links are the single most important factor for achieving those top-tier rankings and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

If you're serious about breaking the monopoly, then my link building expertise will get you there.

Why Use Freelance Local SEO Services and Not an Established Digital Marketing Agency?

Not all online marketing agencies are created equal. In fact, most are pretty poor value when it comes to SEO. Here's why you'll see better value through a freelance Local SEO expert like me.

Competitive Rates

Step 1

I don't have employees or a fancy Manchester office for you to fund. In fact, my only real outgoings are the SEO tools I use to help me protect and grow your investment. 

Focused On You

Step 1

My day isn't full of "strategy" meetings, endless phone calls, emails and chats at the water cooler. My time is money, And so is yours.

We're Partners

Step 1

Between the two of us we have trust. I protect and grow your investment, while you help me to pay my bills and give my family a good standard of living.

Bespoke Campaigns

Step 4

You're not getting bog standard off-the-shelf Local SEO service. Your local search campaigns are tailored to your actual goals, whether short or long term. 


Step 1

Your investment begins and ends with me. There's no hiding behind a chain of command or passing the buck. 

Single POC

Step 1

I'm the sales guy, your account manager, your SEO specialist and my accounts team. You won't be passed around when you need something.

Network of Specialists

Step 1

I use hand-picked, trusted SEO specialists in different fields when it adds value. Your campaigns aren't limited to just one teams skill set.

Flexible Contracts

Step 4

I'm always happy to thrash out a deal that suits us both, so long as it's realistic. No minimum term, 30 days notice as standard.

See what Other Stockport & Manchester Business owners have said about my local sEO Services


The project ran extremely smoothly and I was never in any doubt that I was working with a genuine specialist. We got more valuable lead in the first 8 months than I have done in 2 years with my old digital agency. Always felt in safe hands. 

Amy Shah

Cosmetic Surgeons Stockport


My experience is bitter sweet. Business is absolutely thriving but it showed me just how many tens of thousands of pounds I've lost to young flashy sales guys and agencies with no substance. Couldn't have asked for a better service and results produced. 

Colin Lee

Windows Company, Manchester

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee results?

Step 1

No. And anyone who does is a charlatan. But what I will do is guarantee that your investment goes towards hitting the minimum ROI target of 900%.

Do you need me to do anything?

Step 2

Yes. I will need your agreed payments to be made on time. However, I'm not going to waste your precious hours unless it's absolutely necessary to the project.

How long does it take to see results?

Step 2

Every website and every industry different, so it's impossible to predict. But you should see an increase either rankings or leads after around 2-3 months.

Can I call you any time?

Step 2

Unfortunately not. As a freelance SEO consultant, my time is money. You will have access to me of course, however, it is capped and it has be scheduled. 

What does this all cost?

Step 2

Investments don't cost you anything, and that's exactly what this is. I'm aiming for a 10x return on your monthly investment. 

Can I cancel any time?

Step 1

Absolutely. If you feel I'm not a good fit for any reason, you can cancel at any time, so long as payments are up to date. All I ask is for 30 days notice.


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