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No matter how high you rank in Google or other search engines, or how much traffic comes to your website, revenue will not grow unless you are reaching your target audience. 

Improve Rankings

Research keywords to discover what your customers actually use in the search engines. Audit your website from top to bottom and optimise for search and your customers. 

Increase Traffic

Effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will begin to drive a flood of traffic to your website. This will consist largely of your ideal clients and those who are looking for products and services from a business like yours.

Get Conversions

Your new source of organic search traffic is pre-qualified and contains some of the warmest leads that you could wish for. Your ROI is the most important campaign metric and is the foundation of my SEO strategy.  

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"We've used Jack a handful of times to help us with some of our own clients. His SEO techniques really do move the needle and offers great value to our own agency."

Sam Jones

SEO Company, Manchester

"We're in quite a competitive niche and have never had any SEO company get the same kind of search engine optimisation results that Steadfast did. Fast and reliable. "

Marie Carter

Office Furniture Supplier, Manchester

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Jack Alexander, Steadfast Digital

Steadfast Digital is not a typical SEO Company. And most of my clients are quite happy about that.

When it comes to outsourcing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), savvy business owners are leaning more towards finding true SEO experts with access to a network of specialists that spans the globe, as opposed the traditional SEO agency model where the work is only as good as the SEO team they have in place.

And that's why my clients are happy.

They know they have an experienced SEO strategist who can pull in resources from across the World to scale campaigns up or down to ensure they get the search engine results they need.

Expert Freelance SEO in Manchester 

Creating opportunities for business growth through a revenue generating SEO marketing strategy

20 Year's of Search Engine Optimisation Experience

A story of a grey/white SEO in Manchester

The following might seem a little self-indulgent, but I think it helps you to build a picture of who I am. Not just as someone who is trying to get you to sign up for Manchester SEO services, but more importantly as a person. If you make it to the end, congratulations. And we should definitely have a conversation.

The dawn of online marketing

For well over 20 years now, I don’t think there’s much I haven’t seen online. And some of it I wish I hadn’t. 

But I’m not here to talk about my search habits.

Since I got my first rather slow and noisy internet connection back in the 90's, I’ve always been fascinated about online and how it instantly connects people from completely different parts of the World. And no more so than when it comes to selling.  

The art of marketing entered a whole new dimension where words became more powerful than ever. 

Before the age of the Internet, you would have to work pretty hard to buy something without some kind of human interaction.

But now, it's the complete opposite.

And it's this which really perked my interest back in those early days. It was an opportunity for a 16 year kid to try and make some cash and who knows, maybe even get-rich-quick!

The Gold Rush - Cashing in on 'Black Hat' SEO Techniques

I didn't need to pretend I was an adult to convince "grown-ups" to part with their money. I just needed the right words and prompts on the screen to do that job for me. And it worked.

But while making small amounts of cash online was fun and helped to fund my underage drinking, it was getting people to the website in the first place which gave me the biggest buzz. 

And once Google started to become the popular search engine that it is today, driving organic traffic to a website was like taking candy from a baby. Completely unrecognisable from what it is today.

As Google slowly began to change it's algorithm, getting great search engine rankings started to become a bit more of a challenge, but it was still relatively easy.

Stuff a webpage with keywords, fire a load of low quality spammy links at it and hey presto! We've got rankings. But lots of people were doing this and the affiliate space became a very ugly place. It had even crept in to the mainstream too.

Learning & Experimenting - Web design, SEO and PPC

Everywhere you clicked there was terrible looking website on the internet (yes, even actual professional business ones like yours). So I started to get a little bit more interested in the art of web design and basic development (e.g. more than just basic spammy web pages).

I was desperate to keep learning and building up more skills and was regularly asked by business owners of friends and family to build and rank their websites in Google. PPC was cheap in those days too, so I could even afford to get them more bang for their buck by incorporating PPC without it hitting my pocket too much.

I was like a sponge soaking up anything and everything related to digital marketing. It was still in it's infancy back then and wasn't the multi-billion pound industry it is today.

This was a time when even your average business owner still thought the Internet was just a fad. Crazy!

I was working a full-time job at this point and was burning the candle at both ends. The risk-taker in me wanted me to jack in my day job. But I was still young and I didn't feel confident enough to break free to become a full-time self-employed digital marketer.

Looking back, it's easy to have regrets. However the years that followed taught me a lot about myself, marketing and business.

The Crash & Burn - Google killed the Internet marketing stars

As I approached my mid to late twenties, my life was taking a different path. 

I had met my now wife and was looking to relocate to Greater Manchester not long after. This became my focus as I spent much of my extended free time travelling up and down the M6 (before it became a 50mph road!).

I had stopped taking on casual work but I still had my own online money making assets which up until this point had been a pretty passive source of income.

Until big G decided they didn't want people like me making the easy money and manipulating their algorithm. They started rolling out huge core updates which not only started to hit the rankings, but also made it more difficult to rank in future.

The Gold Rush was over and SEOs across the World began to panic.

It was proclaimed that 'SEO is Dead!'.

It wasn't. And it never will be. We just needed to adapt to the ever changing landscape and use SEO techniques that would have a better chance of withstanding future updates - basically what's known as White Hat SEO.

Turning Pro - Working in Manchester SEO Agencies

So after nearly 10 years of winning at SEO, experimentation, testing and getting a feel for what it was to like have paying clients, it made sense to get paid full-time for my skills.

I moved to up North, got married and got a job at an SEO agency in Manchester City centre. One of the UK's oldest to be precise.

It was a great move and gave me the chance to work across a huge array of different industries for clients big and small. It opened my eyes to processes within my clients' organisations, about revenue and profit. 

It also threw up hundreds of technical and logistical challenges, where I gained even more experience of different hosting platforms, email set ups and pretty much all of those other things which many business owners struggle with.

I always, ALWAYS added value. Even when I shouldn't have.

I am a problem solver and being in SEO, digital marketing and just the online space in general was like a dream come true. 

Doing search engine optimisation for local business owners was, and still is my favourite type of SEO. 

Ecommerce is great and you can see the revenue coming in real time, but it's  the excitement of generating a phone call or seeing an email enquiry land in the client inbox which gets me going. 

It's a strange thing to read, I know.

But, regardless of my own personal successes and achievement for my clients, it became apparent that I was beginning to outgrow this particular SEO company.

SEO was getting harder and the overall SEO service we were offering wasn't going to be sustainable, despite my best efforts to over-deliver to my clients. As is the case with many SEO agencies, so long as the customer retention didn't drop beyond a certain level and the team of dreaded cold-callers kept bringing on new clients for SEO services, why change the offering?

Moving On - A Better Manchester SEO Agency

So, I'd had enough and through my network I landed a great project management job at another Manchester SEO agency. This time it wasn't just SEO services I was doing, but also PPC, Social Media and web development.

This was a huge leap up in terms of client budgets and accelerated my already impressive skillset and knowledge by another 100%.

From starting out all of those years ago soaking up rudimentary SEO techniques to manipulate rankings, I was now in charge of client SEO and PPC budgets of £50k+ per month and project managing web design and builds at £100k minimum.

Over the course of working for these various Manchester SEO agencies, I developed a firm understanding of modern powerful white hat SEO strategies, how to do a high quality SEO audit, lead high ticket client SEO campaigns and appreciate the importance of technical SEO.

But, as is the case with many SEO agencies, they got greedy.

Good SEO works. Plain and simple. But that wasn't enough. We took on projects beyond the capabilities of the SEO team and our web development partners. Debt was mounting within the agency as the owners tried to scale and in the end good clients were being squeezed for more money for no apparent reason.

That's not something which I wanted to be a part of.

Moving In-House - Escaping the Clutches of SEO Agency Life

Luckily for me, one of my clients at the time (the agency's largest by far) was having a reshuffle and I landed what really was a dream job, thanks to my network and the relationships I had built with them.

I was no longer providing SEO services within an SEO company. Instead, I was now the guy that every single SEO agency in Manchester pitches to. Just like probably are too!

Heading up the SEO department, I dictated the SEO strategies, ran the SEO campaigns and built the SEO team which looked after several well known FMCG brands. I also hired several local Manchester SEO agencies to help with the overflow. Just like you, my experience was a mixed bag and I ended up tapping in to my own personal network for anything that needed to be outsourced.

I'll be perfectly honest when I say that I needed a break from client work. 

Agencies are like a house of cards and the first part to fold is the clients. It's no fun trying to keep clients happy when you know things behind the scenes aren't working in their best interests and my relationships with my clients are more important than anything.

We don't always need to agree, but we must have mutual respect and that means being honest and transparent.

The Present - Providing the Most Forward Thinking SEO Services Manchester Has to Offer

I've always felt that there was something life-changing about my first ever Internet connection. And I don't just mean THAT noise or the hours wasted watching a page load pixel by pixel.

There is no doubt that it changed all of our lives for the better and I always wanted it to be a source of wealth for me. Being connected to billions of people across the World opens up a new dimension of opportunity for those who are willing to learn, experiment and adapt. Especially introverts like me.

I've invested time and money in to myself, been coached by some of the best SEO's in the World, taken risks and learned my trade.

Alongside all of the experience and skills I've gained over two decades, I also have a trusted team of specialists who I can call upon whenever I need a hand with a project. And if I need more hands, I know exactly where to get them and I know that they will deliver far more value than that of any Manchester SEO agency that I've worked with. 

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Question: Which is the best company for SEO?

You're probably on this page because you searched for 'Manchester SEO agency' or something similar.

So I assume that you want to outsource your SEO in order to improve your Google rankings and your online presence to drive traffic to your website and generate more revenue for your business.

It's something every business needs to invest in and you're obviously smart enough to know that.

But how do you go about choosing the best company to invest your money in?

Well, first off all you need to adjust your mindset. And I know this because of the fact that you wanted search results containing either 'SEO Company' or 'SEO Agency'.

You need to understand that the traditional agency model is outdated and is holding back people like you from getting the results you want.

Good SEO works because of the people involved in the optimisation process. From building the SEO strategy to the campaign execution, you cannot take risks if you want a serious return on your investment. 

The SEO Agency Model is Outdated

And by looking for typical digital marketing agencies and SEO companies, you are taking a risk! 

You're relying on the SEO experience and skills of a single group of people in an office in Manchester.

And having worked in and with a number of agencies myself, I know exactly what kind of people these teams are made up of.

There is no doubt that Manchester has some of the best agencies in the World, and if you've got extremely deep pockets then you will get the results you want.

But if your budget is less than £10k per month, then I've got news for you - you will forever be looking for new SEO providers if you only consider working with the typical SEO company model.  

There is another way: Freelance SEO Consultants

Away from the swathes of Manchester SEO agencies sit the freelance SEO experts.

Most of us have worked for various agencies in the City centre at one time or another and for whatever reason have ended up 'going rogue'.

We all tend to have our own areas of specialisms and can try to attract 'ideal' clients. This will go hand in hand with relevant experience, skills and resources to run highly successful and profitable SEO campaigns. 

In my case, my passion and specialism is working with Local SEO clients across the Greater Manchester area. 

And while my client base might be relatively local, the network of specialists I can call upon is truly global - I'm not just an SEO company reliant upon the skills of the people in one office in Manchester City centre.

I can be agile while delivering extreme value, building the best SEO team possible for a client campaign. A team can be scaled up or down without any disruption whatsoever.

So let's go back to the question: Who do you think is the best SEO Service Provider?

So let's go back to the question: Who do you think is the best SEO Service Provider?

a) An SEO agency in Manchester which relies on a small pool of employees


b) The best freelance SEO Manchester has to offer through a global network of specialists


As a business, we'd spent in the region of £60k on SEO with barely any return. Our SEO Audit proved our worst fears to be true - we were on track to never really make any sort of return. Now, armed with the knowledge of what's gone wrong, we're in a position to continue implementing fixes and strategies which are already providing a full return on the audit from the organic enquiries we're receiving. It's been a game changer for us and wish we'd done it sooner. 

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