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Getting a website SEO audit can help you get your business back on track. Find out how effective your current SEO is and get proven strategies to help move your business forward.

before you spend another penny on your seo...

Get a full SEO Audit. Get peace of mind.

Search Engine Optimisation is unrecognisable from what it looked like 10-15 years ago. In that time, Google and the other search engines have changed their algorithms meaning that methods which used to work, no longer do.

Old hat SEO tactics will affect you now

If your current methods of SEO are outdated, at best the result will be that your site fails rank naturally. At worst, you could well have suffered a manual penalty - this is like being placed on the naughty step by a member of the Google team.

Like many business owners, you've probably had different agencies working on your website over that time and now might be getting the feeling that there’s something not quite right. If this rings true, you should definitely be looking at getting a full in-depth SEO Audit carried out.

What's in an SEO Audit and why it'll help build a strategy moving forward

An audit will look at the primary areas of your on-site SEO as well as your off-site activity. So this will highlight any duplicate content problems, issues with backlinks and a general health check of your website.Your current traffic and rankings performance will also need to be studied alongside this. 

If this isn't done, then how would we know that there was a problem in the first place?

Get help from an SEO Consultant with over 15 year's experience

I can glance at a website and immediately know if the SEO is effective or not, even without knowing the industry or the keywords. However, you've paid good money for SEO over the years, so a full SEO Audit will discover the true cost of this as well as showing you a clearer path forward.

Give your website the attention it deserves now before you hand it over to yet another agency to work on. Because if you don't, you'll just be throwing good money after bad.


Detailed SEO Audit by an expert

You need expertise and an eye for detail to complete any meaningful audit. Carrying out a detailed SEO audit takes time and should not be rushed. Below are the main areas which I look at so that we get a clear and accurate picture of your website's strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Traffic Analysis

We'll see where your traffic comes from and exactly how you're performing in Search. Identify what rankings are failing and where there might be opportunities for growth.

Technical SEO

A wide range of checks to identify how efficiently the website is being crawled and indexed by search engines. Speed, redirects/broken links and architecture are all major factors.

On-Page SEO

Page by page analysis to discover just how optimised the website is. Titles, headings, meta descriptions and content are key areas when conveying your relevance to keywords to Google.

Content Analysis

Audit of what text is on your website, checking for thin, duplicate content or even no content at all. Is it optimised and can you fill content gaps which could lead to massive growth. 

Backlink Audit

Full analysis of your backlink profile to identify "bad" links which need to be removed. We'll also gain an insight in to links which are driving rankings and how you can leverage these further. 


See what areas need fixing and get detailed information to help enhance your SEO. Benchmarking you against competitors, you'll have the basis of a new SEO strategy for business growth.

Start with a free
SEO Audit video 

In this free SEO video audit, you'll see why your SEO is costing you leads and business growth. Get actionable help  without spending a penny.

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Choose type of site for SEO Audit 

SEO Audits tend to take around 30 days on average. The size of a website (i.e. number of pages) is the main variant and simply means the more pages you have, the longer the audit will take.


Typically, this would be a local business or brochure website of up to 25 pages.


Traffic analysis
Technical audit
On-page analysis
Content analysis
Backlink audit
SEO Recommendations


These tend to be ecommerce or substantial corporate websites of up to 70 pages.


Traffic analysis  
Technical audit
On-page analysis  
Product analysis
Content analysis  
Backlink audit  
SEO Recommendations


As a business, we'd spent in the region of £60k on SEO with barely any return. Our SEO Audit proved our worst fears to be true - we were on track to never really make any sort of return. Now, armed with the knowledge of what's gone wrong, we're in a position to continue implementing fixes and strategies which are already providing a full return on the audit from the organic enquiries we're receiving. It's been a game changer for us and wish we'd done it sooner. 

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